Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's The Special Olympics Of Victimhood Poker

Yep, looks like the Guardian has had the cards out again. They've denounced someone for anti-Semitism. Your challenge is to guess who:

  1. An Islamopath

  2. A Black 'Communidee Leader'

  3. A Loony Christian

Yep, if you guessed 3, you're bang on. The Guardian has decided that Mel Gibson's latest film is anti-Semitic.

Whassat ? You're saying that it features Mayans. Well, technically, yesssssssss, but you know, our supa-smart Liberal betters can detect all manner of code words there - they've got that there theological literacy. Try this:

For Mayan pyramids read Jewish temple. Gibson knows that Jewish temple worship only involved animal sacrifice. None the less, his Mayan high priest draws from some of the worst caricatures of the bloodthirsty Jew as invented during the middle ages.
Frankly, it seems kind of a stretch.

On the other hand, you don't need a lot of theological literacy to detect anti-Semitism in, say, a major newspaper pushing fraudulent claims of bloodthirsty Jewish savages raining down fire on ambulances. But no: the only anti-Semites the Left hates are the ones who worship a Jew.

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