Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Politician Is For Life, Not Just The Election

On the subject of liberals using racism as a civilisational blood libel, Cranmer notes a certain contrast in how allegations against members of Boris Johnson staff are handles depending on just who's in the sights at the time.

All too true, which is why it's particularly ludicrous for the Reverend Dale to claim the mantle of victimhood for Ray Lewis. None of the charges have been seriously disputed. True, there's nothing here that rises to the level of criminal - or even civil action - but then no one wants to take him to court: we just don't trust him with our money or our rights.

Spending other people's cash and telling them what to do is pretty much what politicians do, so it's hardly unreasonable if the public doesn't accept 'not convicted of any actual crimes' in and of itself as a plus point for the job. It's not like the Tories aren't repeat offenders here, and that's without considering the rest of the A-List dross.

Like I've said before, the Cameron approach of filling the candidate list with a slasher movie cast of stereotypes is inimical to our system of government. MPs aren't just a chorus line, it's their job to hold government to account. The number of empty vessels on the Tory candidate lists is the perfect barometer of just how much a serious political party has degenerated down to the Cult of Dave.

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