Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Libs 4 Torture

Harriet Harperson's latest attack on the state of holy matrimony has already been ripped apart by all and sundry, so I only have a few things to add:
  1. In so far as this new legislation is based on the theory that there are 'male killings' and 'female killings', how does that mesh with the femiloon rantings about Amy Winehouse being cruelly deprived of the chance to serve as a Marine ? If these loonies are finally accepting that boys and girls are different, doesn't that mean some jobs are best done by one or the other ?
  2. On the plus side, at last they've finally outed themselves. They want to make it easier to convict men and harder to convict women. No room for misquote there. It ain't about the equality, it's about misandry.
  3. Also outing themselves: our watchdog MSM, all of whom swallowed the femiloon line that the law would favour women who kill abusive men, rather than the truth, which is that the law would favour women who kill men even where the only evidence of abuse is the killer's hardly disinterested say so.
  4. If these laws go through as planned, a women will have less right to use force against a rapist than she does against her husband. A women facing a predator in a balaclava will only be permitted to use reasonable force to escape (and no weapons neither - that would be evidence of premeditation). Anything else would be 'taking the law into her own hands' - presumably unlike killing your husband long after any alleged abuse has occurred and merely because she claims to fear future violence.
  5. In so far as the reforms to the law on provocation are based on the idea that adultery is no big thing, this says all you need to know about liberal marriages (hmmm... maybe someone should tell this bint) ?
  6. How exactly does this mesh with the libs' last great assault on marriage? Will gays have to register which of them is the wife and which is in the wrong ?
  7. At least there's one good thing: if violence is allowed where there has been a history of violence and the possibility of violence in the future, doesn't that pretty much cover most Jihadis? We don't even want to kill them, just connect them up to the National Grid.

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