Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So much for all those leftists - both inside and out of the Tory Party - who claimed that they weren't anti-American, they just thought being a real ally required the British government to be reflexively anti-American a 'candid friend', instead of a slavish poodle like that poodley poodle Tony 'poodle' Blair. Compared to the abject grovelling that greeted the visitation by the Obamamessiah, Tony Blair was practically Bin Laden.

What about Obama's flirtation with protectionism? Or his apparent support for the great over-mountain invasion of Pakistan? Then there's the deranged racial politics (sample quote: Any distinction between good and bad whites held negligible meaning.')'. How come our candid friends on the left didn't feel the need to raise any of these points?

The real test is this: ask any of the Obama fans to quote one of his speeches over here. Nada. This was never about actual policy. Nope, the Euro-left's love of Obama is based on one thing: they both hate America.

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