Monday, July 07, 2008

I Told You We Needed More Testing

Like I keep saying, teachers tell us they're under too much pressure to do anything except 'teach to the tests' (also known as 'teaching what's on the curriculum'), but there's always time for stuff like this.

Oops - guess that must be another one of those right-wing myths. Well, two of them actually. Liberals keep insisting that indoctrucation and dhimmitude are both inventions of eeeeevil right-wing bloggers, but - who'd have thunk it ? - we keep running into these cases. Clearly, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is more productive than you'd think.

Actually, I'm going to adapt a Labanism, and start filing these under 'The Myth of Right-Wing Myths'.

Forget all the liberal noise. What is all comes down to is this: children were forced onto their knees, and made to recite Islamic chants. If you heard about this happening to hostages in Iraq, you wouldn't be surprised. More to the point, this wasn't just an isolated failure of taste. Children who failed to comply were threatened, then actively victimised. It was deliberate decision: the kids would be forced to kneel and submit to Allah, and no resistance would be tolerated. Firing is the least that should happen to the teacher concerned. She should certainly be struck off the teaching register, and should probably face criminal charges as well.

Of course, all this does raise two questions. In so far as libs will claim that performing Islamic rituals is a necessary part of teaching about Islam, what happens during sex education lessons ?

Then there's the other question: is it really 'multiculturalism' if it's always the same culture ? You know the kids will never be asked to wave torches round to celebrate Diwali, right ? Nope, it's only the religion of loud bangs that gets liberals all a quiver.

I guess the cow coddlers are their bearded friends from the Punjab will have to get off their backside and start killing people before they get any respect from the left. So maybe that's a third question. could there possibly be some connection between liberalism's fetishisation of violent insanity (and the corollary, their contempt for the non-violent) and the epidemic of mayhem in modern Britain ?

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