Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Matthew Hopkins Just Phoned To Say He Thinks These Guys Are Going Too Far

OK, as I understand the latest rules from the left, any child who doesn't like spicy food is a witch racist. Also racist: anyone who points out that this is insane.

Never mind the basic lunacy of the left's position, just remember that these are the people who are just enraged! at the thought of anyone discriminating against a 42 year old man with multiple convictions for child molestation. Believing that convicted paedophiles are likely to strike again is paranoid nonsense, but claiming a dislike of Brussles sprouts reflects a hatred of the Flemish, why sir, that's hard science.

Actually, it's not completely wacky. Some scientists are fairly sure of a connection between avoiding certain foods and violent insanity, for example terrorists are surprisingly likely to avoid pork-based products.

But no: as ever where racism is concerned, only the natives can are guilty.

Not that it's all bad news. On the contrary, reports like this, combined with the sterling work of undercover VRWC operatives, helps throw into sharp relief what 'racism' really means for the modern left. For liberals, racism is the west's Original Sin. You don't have to provide any evidence of actual racism, westerners are guilty be definition and that's all there is to it.

Still, I did like the Tory comment on this issue:


If the state using ludicrous criteria to denounce innocent children doesn't raise your hackles, just what kind of conservative are you ?

(A wave of the pricking pin to Rob for pointing this story out in the comments to this post)

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