Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Reason Why Tories Suck

I can't be the only one reading this who's reminded of the Red Dwarf line about the Hitlers being great hosts, providing you keep him off politics.

Apart from anything else, can we at least do without all the lickspittle tributes to Benn's integrity? He's an avowed socialist whose family treats seats in Parliament like the family silver and uses the public purse like a piggy bank.

But anyway, for the limited purposes of the Tories' absurd argument, let's pretend that Benn is a shining example of personal integrity: how come Nick Griffin doesn't qualify for this special 'don't mention the ideology' get out clause? After all, he certainly speaks his mind, stands up for what he believes, blah, blah, blah.

Benn's dream was Marxist tyranny just as much as Griffin's was racist dictatorship. And not even nasty Nick can match Benn's record of over half a century spent vigorously agitating for every form of sadistic lunacy imaginable, providing only that it was leftist and/or anti-British.

By the 1950s Stalin's crimes were common knowledge, yet Benn was - and remains - an unrepentant advocate of Marxism. Nothing, not the Great Leap Forward, not the Killing Fields, not Kim Jong Il could dim Benn's enthusiasm for tyrants. Whether it was striking miners killing uncooperative taxi drivers or the liquidation of whole classes of people, Benn was a tireless advocate for evil.

No doubt as cheerleaders for murderous savagery go, Benn is one of the more eloquent and has a fancy accent, but no amount of polysyllabic wordplay can conceal the basic truth that here's a man who regards mass slaughter as a perfectly reasonable part of politics. To see such a man lauded on Centre Right is the perfect barometer of both the moral void and the snobbery at the heart of the Nu Tories.

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