Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shocka! New Immigration Rules A Farce

Liberals just won't stop. Turns out the tough (not really) new immigration rules have a honking great loophole:
Tens of thousands of migrants will be offered 'fast-track' British passports every year in return for doing voluntary work.

The foreign nationals will be allowed to slash up to two years off the time it takes to win citizenship, in return for completing community work, charity fundraising, working as a school governor or running a children's sports team.
So do a bit of work for the Mohammed Siddiq Khan Travel Scholarship Fund and get fast-tracked for a passport.

Need you ask what the motivation is ?
It will also say that every migrant settling in Britain should apply for citizenship rather than keeping his or her own existing nationality.

The move is likely to increase the number of Labour voters by 250,000 every year.
Actually, I might have made a little change to that quote, but only a little one. Yep, the government really has decided to dissolve the people, and elect a new population.

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