Friday, July 11, 2008

Quote Of The Day

On the BBC's Robin Hood
One can, of course, reply that "it's just a stupid TV show." True. But that's the point: Most people spend most of their time watching stupid TV shows, going to stupid movies, and reading stupid books. It's what people know. And that means they don't know anything approaching history. Nothing else accounts for the fact that a staggering percentage of people think The Da Vinci Code gives us profound insights into the origins of Christianity. No wonder they're filming a sequel. Those who don't know bogus history are doomed to repeat it -- and brag about how much smarter they are than suckers who believe the "official story."
Exactly right. At least with the supposedly 'factual' programs, there's at least some token recognition that not everyone agrees with the BBC. With the overtly fictional output all bets are off. It's always handsome, heroic liberals and moustache-twirling, conservative baby eaters.

Shea also hits on another aspect of modern liberalism, the obsession with proving their superiority over the common herd. The same phenomena is in action here. There are arguments for and against elitism, but rarely in history can a group of people have based their sense of superiority on so much rubbish.

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