Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Well, They Are Liberals

Janet Daly on the Cameroonatics:

Team Cameron, meanwhile, sinks deeper into utter confusion and incoherence. On the one hand, it insists that the past week's political nightmare (including the chorus of attacks from critics like me) has been just what it wanted; on the other, it bursts into floods of tears and accuses me of being nasty and unhelpful for pointing out the potholes in its own road to the future. Conservative spokesmen are apparently allowed to say vindictive and merciless things about the way middle-class parents raise their children, but those who take the assault personally must remain constructive and helpful in their response.
Actually, the Cameroonatics have surprised me in one respect: they haven't found a suitable victim yet. I guessing next time their policies will be unveiled by a mother whose son was eaten by a grammar school boy, so we won't be allowed to challenge even her most idiotic statements as that would mean questioning the authenticity of her suffering.

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