Sunday, May 13, 2007

Don't Mention The War

See, this is what I was on about here. Whatever Blair did or did not do, he at least recognised that leadership should be about more than the merely tactical. Cameron never met an issue he couldn't skate over. Even so, this latest example is special.

Yep, the Bogotá Skier spent 48 hours with some Muslims, and came out singing the national anthem of Dhimmia. To understand the true lunacy of this, simply consider what it would presumably have taken for him to take the opposite approach. How about finding a secret trapdoor that lead to Bin Laden's hideout in the basement ? Would he have demanded internment ?

But no: Dhimmi Dave failed to trip over any fugitive terrorists, AK47s or capsules labelled 'Danger! Biohazard!' so now he's resurrected one of the stupidest of dhimmi clichés:
It’s hard to over-emphasise the importance of language. I know it sounds like a side issue, but it isn’t. We are just not getting this right. Every time the BBC or a politician talks about “Islamist terrorists” they are doing immense harm (and yes I am sure I have done this too, despite trying hard to get this right.) Think of Northern Ireland – “IRA terrorist” was fine because it marked them out as part of a terrorist group, Catholic terrorists would have been a disaster. Yet that is the equivalent of what we are doing now.
As far as the specifics go, Laban has already beaten this idiocy to death. Ditto, I'll pass over the oddity of just how often dhimmis claim that Muslims are peaceful, except that if you say something they don't like, they'll blow up the No 27. No, there's a deeper idiocy here, something deeper even than Cameron's ignorance of the greatest issue of the age.

Cameron is not merely claiming that we should ignore Islamofascism, or that Islamic savagery is the fault of the West, nope - in Cameronworld, simply calling things what they are makes you the guilty party. It's a position that manages to be simultaneously squalid, absurd and totalitarian. Certainly, it strikes at the heart of Conservatism.

Could it get any stupider ? Well, yes: with Call Me Dave, stupider is not just possible, it's inevitable. In this case, it's the revelation that the family he visited lives in the gritty, urban hell of a six-bedroomed detached house, overlooking Warwickshire Country Cricket ground. Hmmmmm.... let's check that 'global warming' photo op again. Are we sure he went to the Artic, or did he just go out on the Yorkshire moors for the day ?

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