Friday, May 25, 2007

The Classy Left (Part 4628)

Here's the Guardian on the Conrad Black trial:
This ladies and gentlemen, is what a Get Out of Jail Free card looks like in human form. Consider Alana Black, daughter of beleaguered media tycoon Conrad. Did you know he had a daughter? Nope, me neither, but here she is, being wheeled out, in what her dad must hope is the nick of time. Barbara Amiel’s efforts in the court audience haven’t quite reflected so well on Conrad, as is often the way when an accused’s spouse is present. She might have muted her usual haute - couture tendencies into boring brown suits, but her fondness for shouting at journalists hasn’t really given her husband the required respectable image. So now Alana is pushed forth, and very well she’s doing too: the pencil skirt and blouse are elegant, but not obnoxiously so, and the beaded necklace doesn’t rub her and her father’s wealth in the jurors’ faces in the same way as Amiel’s Hermes bags do. And that hair ! ‘Come on,’ it all but shrieks. ‘No man accused of fraud could possibly have fathered such angelic locks, surely
Or, you know, it could just be that she's a daughter supporting her father in his - literal - time of trial. What exactly is the point of the Guardian's snark anyway ? That Alana Black is somehow underhand for not behaving like a Guardian stereotype of the evil rich ? Talk about a Catch 22. When the rich light huge cigars with £50 notes, they're scum, and when they don't, they're lying scum. I guess the only answer is to live the simple peasant life - just like the Guardian's editor does.

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