Sunday, May 13, 2007

And Another Thing....

Leaving aside Cameron's disgraceful - and utterly predictable - descent into dhimmitude, there's something else that hacks me off about this. Are we supposed to find it cute that Cameron claims to have been rubbish at serving in the shop ?

OK, so it's garbage. That's point one. Seriously, if you were a recently crashed alien looking to earn money for parts for his craft, wouldn't you be able to figure out the basics of the job ? But more than another cripplingly weak attempt at folksiness, consider what it says about the folks running the Conservative Party.

Here's a group of people who market themselves as the Smartest People In The Universe, but they think it's stylish to pretend to be baffled by commerce. Call Me Dave would never pretend to be ignorant of Shakespeare or art, but the stuff that keeps the country running ? Pah! Like you'd expect him to know about that!

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