Wednesday, May 16, 2007

He's A Keys Source

Like millions of people, I was absolutely transfixed by the news Prince Harry was staying home. Except not really. No, what intrigued me was that the BBC report includes commentary from Reg Keys.

Actually, that's not so surprising: he seems to pop up a lot on the BBC. You may be wondering what insights he can offer to justify so much coverage. Well, it's like this: his son was killed in Iraq. There's a natural sympathy for those left behind, but with 148 dead in the war, you have to question why exactly the BBC's contacts file only has the one name in it.

Oops... no, you don't. We're in Cindy Sheehan territory here. What's are the odds hey ? Who'd have thunk that the BBC's on-call relative would be a raving moonbat ? And, by the way, what's the statute of limitations here ? Just how many appearance fees do you have to collect before you make the leap from 'grieving relative' to 'Left-wing activist' ?

Meanwhile, I'm left dealing with another conundrum. Is there any relationship between the folks who think the ranting of Keys is a vital contribution to the debate, and the people who think making victim-impact statements admissible in court is the end of British justice ?


Kudos to NK over at Biased-BBC who noted the BBC's anorexic contacts file back in February.

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