Monday, May 28, 2007

Tories Ask: Why Won't Any Of You Psychos Vote For Us ?

See, this isn't me - I'm just linking. Still, it does raise an interesting question. The Tories always claim that there's no need for disillusioned rightists to vote for UKIP because their policies are practically the same as the Tories anyway. But at the same time, they claim everyone in UKIP is completely insane. So which is it ? Is UKIP practically the same as the Tory Party, or is it a collection of lunatics ? And can we draw any conclusions from the fact that a bunch of complete headcases have - by the Tories own description - come up with exactly the same policies as the Tories ? Or is it - and this is the option I favour - proof that having based their entire stategy on media stunts and aping the Left, the Cameroonatics are incapable of formulating any actual arguments more sophisticated than 'You're nutsl!' ?

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