Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Liberals Baffled By 'Time Going Forward' Phenomenon

Islamopaths have been convicted - and in a British court, no less! - for plotting a bit of extreme demonstrating. What's a Lib to do ? It's be tempting to imagine Adam Curtis rushing to produce a follow-up called 'The Power of Really Huge Bombs', but history proves there's no limit to the shamelessness of the Left. Instead, the Left is going with Plan B: OK, we'll admit there are terrorists after all, but it's all the Right's fault.

Needless to say, the Guardian (motto: 'you don't have to be an Islamopath to work here, but it helps') leads off with an article subtlety-titled 'Because British soldiers are killing Muslims'. Hmmm....what is the artist trying to say here ?

Only problem is that even the Guardian has to admit that the timeline is kind of.... well, you know:
The roots of the international conspiracy to mount a bomb attack in the UK, which was intended to kill and maim as many people as possible and cause unprecedented disruption, can be traced to a point long before the war in Iraq.

Several of the plotters had come together in 2001, some had discussed "hitting" British targets before the invasion, and at least one had undergone terrorist training before 9/11.
At this point, Mr Common Sense would like to suggest that maybe it wasn't Iraq after all. Maybe there was some other motivating factor, hmmmm ? Nope - the Libs are way ahead of us here:
The war, however, clearly provided the impetus - or at least the excuse - for a plan to target the UK.
Yep, get that: true, they'd already formed a cell and discussed targets long before Iraq, or even Sep 11, but that was only as part of a jovial, happy kind of terrorism. You've got to have a hobby, right ? Ditto, with the training. Hey, haven't you ever learned to SCUBA on your holidays ? It's just the same. Not everyone wants to lie on the beach all day.

I guess this explains what Liberals mean when they talk about 'the vast majority of peaceful Muslims': folks who've taken post-graduate courses in Martyrdom Studies at Tehran Uni, but haven't actually blown any nightclubs up yet. Seriously, can we check the scorecards here ? Libs won't trust a country GP with a .22 target pistol, but don't see any danger from the guy who won 'Most Homicidal Student, Class of 2000-2001' ? Huh ?

Let's take the Left at their own estimation here. It's perfectly normal for an Islamopath to form a cell with fellow Islamopaths, engage in jovial banter about the mass murder of Infidels and even train with dedicated terrorists. But don't draw any conclusions about Islam from that - that would be Islamophobic.


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