Monday, October 18, 2010

There Is No Immigration Debate

What He Said, plus....

How come this never applies to ecolunacy? If the economic benefits of open borders are supposed to trump a few teething problems, like July 7, how come we can't apply the same logic to environmental regulation? Islam has killed more Britons than climate change, and think how much richer we'd be once we applied this new economic growth uber alles rule to handling nuclear waste and PCBs?

Then again, who says there's an immigration debate anyway? Sure, some immigrants contribute to the economy, for example bankers from the US, engineers from China and brain surgeons from Madras but, curiously enough, no one opposes these guys stopping by in the first place. Who are the prejudiced ones here? It's the left that wants to lump all immigrants together, whether they're talented scientists or violent lunatics.

It's not immigration we're opposed to, it's open borders - and that goes triple when it's teamed with the idea any immigrant only needs to touch base in the UK to qualify for a free ride.

Liberals try and frame this as a debate about immigration simply because open borders has been such an obvious train wreck that whining about The Raycism is all they have left.

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