Thursday, October 21, 2010

The FU Budget

It's just a pity the smoking ban prevented Osborne ramming the point home and finishing off the budget statement by lighting a big cigar with a £50 note.

Really, what else did anyone expect? This is who they are. Hence a budget where the guy in the street gets El Shafto while billions are thrown away on the obsessions of the decadent rich.

The only real question is to what extent this arises because these guys are simply out of touch with how real people live (like Osborne)as opposed to actual contempt for the uppity strivers (Cameron).


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Well, if you want to get tribal, it was "your lot" who ran up the debt to the point we're spending £120M PER DAY servicing it.


Seriously, do you have a cedible alternative to not pissing away stupendous amounts of cash in this way?

JuliaM said...

Anon, what do you mean by 'your lot'..?

As for the question posed, I'd say it's six of one, half a dozen of the other. So many of the elite are making out like bandits on the back of the green scam, and if there's no overseas aid, what will Jocaster and Sylvester do when they graduate from uni and need to get some experience with a fakecharity?

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,

it was offered as a counterpoint to the *somewhat simplistic* "us/them" imagery of HoD: These guys are rich, therefore out of touch and do these nefarious deeds joyfully, vigorously and without lube- us everyday guys (surely "people of working age?" ;) got screwed, and while I totally agree with your point on fakecharities and ForAid budget, even scrapping that still leaves £120M/day for the remaining 77% of the year.

The choices are limited, but at least one may argue that *some* are at least being made and broadly in the correct direction....

JuliaM said...

It's mostly just tinkering with the existing system to screw the 'opposition' or the opposition's client base, though, isn't it?

When what's really needed is a wholesale re-look at the stystm and a 'what would I do if I started from scratch?' approach....