Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Decline of Civilisation In One Line

Thinking about it, my main problem with the FU Budget was its essentially fraudulent nature. The Comprehensive Spending Review turned out to be not very comprehensive after all. While the guy in the street got hammered, the CSR tacitly accepted every absurd premise Nu Lab had ever advanced to justify their vision of elephantine government as a natural feature of modern life.

Our enormous, fat slob of a government didn't just happen. It's the product of a demented view of what government is meant to do. For proof of just how warped, consider this snapshot of modern British life.
Welsford now plans to sue the hospital claiming that the therapist abused him, reports The Sun.
It's a Russian doll full of wrongness!

First, there's the obvious point: here's a guy who has chosen to wage war on civilised society in the most extreme way possible, yet thanks to the influence of Cherie and pals, it's now accepted that he can still claim all the benefits of citizenship without taking on anything approaching the ghost of the shadow of hint of the corresponding responsibilities (like 'no raping').

Then there's the question of absurd lawsuits in general. Families need to pay through the nose for tuition fees, but guys like this are getting Legal Aid to claim people having sex with them is, like, totally, the same as torture even where they consented anyway....

Yep, personal responsibility is dead too.

There's the wider issues. We're spending money on therapy for dangerous perverts? Has that ever worked? Putting planes on an aircraft carrier is an unaffordable indulgence but paying charlatans to perform junk science rituals for the benefit of savages? That's just savvy financial judgement.

Then there's probably one of the most common themes in much of our civilisational death spiral: the fact this skank could make the beast with two backs with barbarians, safe in the knowledge that if she did get knocked up then Big Daddy Government would step in and throw money at her own worthless self. And that goes double when Mummy's Little Thuglet starts following in his father's footsteps, and the whole clown circus of the Welfare-Education Axis of Snivel swings into action to enable the little rat to be all that he can be.

Cameron's looting of the productive would be bad enough at the best of times but alongside his refusal to take on any of this brand of lunacy, can the Tories at least stop claiming there's no alternative to soaking the workers?

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