Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainbow Utopia Cancelled

Like most people I imagine, I'm fascinated by Canadian municipal elections.

But not really.

Still, recent events in Toronto provide a certain grim amusement. Don't be shocked, but almost as soon as Toronto managed the oxymoronic achievement of going 'minority majority' they turfed out the groovy liberal and elected a squaresville conservative.

The ever-excellent Kathy Shaidle explains it all to shell-shocked libs.
You brought them over here, not me. You supposedly need them to drive the cabs I don't take, and be the nannies I don't need and the housekeepers I can't afford, and run the restaurants only you get to eat in and run the shops you're too lazy or prissy to own yourselves...

.... they're just patiently waiting for the day that your spoiled, lazy children -- assuming you have children at all -- are working for their disciplined, accomplished offspring.

The day "corporate" pulls its sponsorship of Pride Month, and dumps its expensive, exquisitely useless "environmentally friendly" policies overboard, and quietly stops hiring spindly, neurotic, overeducated white women (who take way too much time off dragging their kids to endless appointments -- if they have children, that is.)

And there will be nothing you can do about it.

They're "minorities." You gave them all kinds of special rights. No one is allowed to criticize them. "It's their culture," remember?

This was all your idea, guys. Not mine.

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JuliaM said...

"I don't even like Rob Ford that much.

But I voted for him to piss you off."

Over here, it seems, people would rather abdicate the vote altogether. Pity.