Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tea Parties Land Crucial Endorsment

The Dave doesn't dig the Tea Parties.

Well, that just about wraps it up for Sarah Palin then. If there's one thing The Dave knows about, it's drifting aimlessly.

The great thing about the Tea Parties is that they not only expose the snobbery of Professional Conservatives, they also expose the gaping hole at the heart of 'Respectable Conservatiosm'.

Even if The Dave's desire to throw cultural issues under the bus made political sense, it's also impossible. In reality culture war issues are at the heart of where we are today. Take the deficit. If nothing else, surrender in the culture war means accepting one hundred million diversity officers on the public payroll as a permanent feature of British life.

Long-term, you can't shrink the welfare state while remaining neutral between lifestyles that produce independence and those that reliably produce disaster. The distinction between culture war and economic policy is merely a matter of degree.

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