Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Splattergate: Who's Paying For All These Lawyers Anyway?

Looks like the Jihad version of the Splattergate video has been fatwad.

Ditto, the Downfall parody has been taken outside and shot.

And all this on top of the 10:10 campaigns desperate efforts to stop anyone seeing the original video.

In summary then, to stop anyone getting the idea they're a bunch of liberal fascists, the 10:10 campaign is using legal muscle to suppress legitimate debate about their campaign.

With Certified Super Geniuses like that running their campaign, I'm thinking 'Big Oil' isn't their biggest problem.

But let's check the scorecard here: if you don't think school kids being executed is a scream, you're a humourless square. Meanwhile, they're setting m'learned friends on anyone who parodies their crappy video.

All of which raises a question: even assuming lefty snuff movies are a perfectly legitimate use of public money, what public policy objective is being served by using taxpayer's money to try and stop taxpayers discussing how their money's being spent?




Anonymous said...

All these people invoking nai parallels do realise that Richard Curtis is jewish dont they?

Not that would have anything to do with only white people dying the vid.

staybryte said...

Daily Mash take below