Monday, January 24, 2011

Sarah Palin: Referee

Hey, just think of those liberal heads exploding!

As I understand it, abortion is a purely personal matter, but taping the private conversations of two guys is perfectly fine. I guess Andy Coulson is in the clear then, after all. On the plus side, maybe if we can convince liberals that Osama Bin Laden works for Sky Sports, they'll let us tap Jihadist communications.

If nothing else though, these two guys have done a bang up job of exposing the humbuggery of the whole Grrrrl Power movement. Up until two minutes ago Karen Brady was the Boadicea of Business. Now suddenly she's a victim.

Then there's the twelve year old referee herself. She got a decision right - see, she is a heroine after all. Also, the Titanic reached its first port of call on schedule.

Call me harsh, but I'm wondering what the reaction would be if we were talking about a 25 year old Premiership official called, say, Julian D'Arcy Cameron, or Rupert Clegg? The same folks defending Referee Barbie would be going ape. Meanwhile, in so far as dad and his lad going to a Premiership match now sets dad back the best part of a hundred pound, can the FA at least start issuing a list of which matches will be referred by greenhorn lesbian Eskimos and which by actual officials?


JuliaM said...

The outrage over this strikes me as every bit as false and manufactured as the OUTRAGE! over the Mark Kennedy affair...

Nomad said...

Is it true that Sarah is now planning a NEW TV show? Incredible. It looks uber cool!