Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Trembling in the Shadow of Hampstead

And talking of spending money on rubbish, there's a nice summation of Cameron's utter failure to follow through on any cuts here.

It's inevitable though, I suppose, keep spinning long enough and all you'll end up with is a whole bunch of U-turns.

Re: this specific case, you have to admire the brass neck of the left. These people have spent years telling that the whole 'civilisation' thing is a eurocentric concept and who are we to say that the moon landing is necessarily more of an achievement than the Aztec nose flute? The government takes the IV out of the publishing industry's backside and suddenly it turns out these people have no problem defining the difference between civilisation and barbarism after all. Honour killing they're not sure about, but turning the free money tap off? That's just like the Holocaust (but not bad enough for them to pay for it themselves).

There's the other aspect to all this too. Philip Pullman? Never mind the humbuggery implicit in a best selling author with a Hollywood movie behind him demanding that janitors and bar maids be taxed to pay for his industry to produce more garbage, here's a guy who's a fully signed up Dawkette. He hates the idea that Christian taxpayers can send their kids to a state school that reflects their beliefs, but taxpayers on the hook to support his exercises in adolescent smugitude? Who could possibly object to that?

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