Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Stop refusing to take her seriously you sexist pigs!


Nick said...

it would have been much more sensible to describe her as "a skinny Dyke", I suppose.
Still and all it's nice to see strong, confident women who know their work getting on in a formerly man's world, doing the job and demanding no special favours or consideration from anyone. No blushing antebellum ladies here, on whose blushing and silent behalf gentlemen had to demand an apology...

Conversely, if you had to discipline any football spectator, player or manager who'd been rude about a match official, you'd be looking at a wave of persecution and bigotry to match the McCarthyite massacres of the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Richard Keys & Andy Gray, now out of their jobs but still making the headlines on the BBC. Maybe they should look and learn from Hardeep Singh Kohli: chucked off the One Show for pestering a female researcher (http://url.ie/8zin), the cheeky chap then had a right laugh inventing "kids' character porn names" on Twitter http://url.ie/8ziu ). Yet he can be seen and heard all over the BBC, especially in religious and ethical programmes.