Sunday, January 09, 2011

Jack Straw Shoots Congresswoman

See, this is exactly why you need to keep your scorecard up to date: jovial Jack Straw suggests there may be a problem with the 'Pakistani community' and their attitudes to girls who are not-so-Pakistani but even that exercise in euphemism can't stop the left howling and whining (which at least provides us with a nice contrast to their deafening silence every time one of these cases gets uncovered).

Meanwhile, a Democrat Congresswoman gets shot and it's all Sarah Palin's fault.

So there you have it: Sarah Palin's harsh rhetoric (meaning: she wants to win elections) drives people to murder, but the Koran's constant references to the degenerate nature of the Infidel? Just a little over-exuberance by Allah.

Of course, there is the fact that while Sarah's never shot anyone, while Mohammed.....


Anonymous said...

The libtards linkage of Palin to this shooting seems to be entirely based upon some graphics used identify potential win-able seats in Congress. Indignation over a graphics package?

I suppose if we did a Google image search with strings like "George Bush target" there's no way we'd find libs posting bad-taste images of Bush in the sights of a sniper? Or Cheney? I mean that would be just ridiculous.

And the MSM? Heaven forbid we'd find military/hunting metaphors or graphics in their coverage of elections, or cartoons of people heading to guillotines when "decapatation stratagies" are mentioned.

JuliaM said...

Actually, just check out the DLC:

And on CiF, one commenter informed me that that didn't count because they were archery targets, and so far, no-one had been arrowed to death...