Sunday, August 29, 2004

Compare & Contrast

Two snapshots of modern British law enforcement:

While the Police ignore actual, real crimes, they nevertheless have time to investigate fantasy ones. The law is a rat's nest of grey areas, but the requirement for sex to have taken place in order to sustain a rape charge isn't one of them. This is how seriously the rot has spread. There's a certain logic here though - the Police won't uphold the law where there are no political points to be scored, so I suppose it's natural that they should go all out where there are - ahem! - messages to be sent even in the absence of an actual crime being committed.

Meanwhile, consider the rantings about Ray Mallon, supposedly encouraging police officers to break the law in the light of the deafening silence following proof of police officers trying to frame an innocent citizen. Of course, Mr Mayor was talking about druggies, muggers and other innocent victims of society while the second case involves a driver and therefore an official enemy of the people. No L3 carrying water for those people!

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