Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Armed Art Critics As The Sign Of A Healthy Ideology

Artists, hey ? What are they like ? They produce the most juvenile pieces of contrived shock art imaginable, then babble about how daring they are. Ooh ooh…someone's painted a portrait of the Queen using his own semen….some other guys sculpted the crucifixion using his own faeces… Hang on a minute - when exactly was the last time one of these overgrown pubic lice was lynched by a rampaging mob of patriots and/or Christians ? 'It's dangerous! It's dangerous, man!' Nope - it's a group of elderly thirteen year olds whose sole flirtation with danger is with the risk of repetitive strain injury from too much mutual coddling.

Anyway, I've been wanting to post for a while about the return of Britain's Paleocons - the people who claim there ain't no war, it's just a tiny minority, Islam is a ROP…..blah, blah, blah. I was going to trawl the news for a week, then put together a post describing what exactly these people are defending, but fortunately people far more qualified than me have taken on the job of slapping the Paleos.

Here's the Steynmeister on the basic insanity of the Tories' lurch into Michael Moore territory. Bottom line: about the only thing the Tories had going for them was that they took national security seriously. Now, in time of war, they gone to La-La Land and with them have gone any remaining reasons to vote Conservative - after all, the type of people Howard's 'Bush Lied!' act appeals to aren't hardly going to vote Conservative anyway.

Steyn nicely stomps the tactical arguments used by the Paleocons, but there's more to it than that. Paleocons often argue that it's all one huge mistake, Islam is indeed just a religion and a peaceful one at that. In fact, though the point is rarely made explicitly, Paleocons frequently imply that opposition to the Ideology Religion of War Peace is really just opposition to those who are enslaved in the Dar Al-Islam.

Here's a group of people who believe God has ordained them to conquer the entire world and establish an order in which everyone else will be either slaves or dead, and it's the people that want to stop them who are the Nazis ? Logic and the Paleos aren't what you would call close friends.

But anyway, Paleos and poncey artists alike, shut the Hell up until you've read this and tell me that painting pictures of Lady T as Satan is daring and citing Islamophobia isn't just a weaseley way of trying to close down debate.

What a woman! Don't expect to be seeing her on the Beeb any time soon though. If she'd only feature Dubya eating babies, why, then she'd be radical. Kudos to the Telegraph for - again - defying the media's Dhimmi three-line whip, but even these folks can't quite get all the way off their knees:

Low-level fatwas - or death edicts - have been raining down since she attacked Islam as a medieval, misogynist cult incapable of self-criticism and blind to modern science.

Low-level death edicts - you know, just the minor sort of death threat then. Here's one for the Paleos amongst us, can any of you think of other circumstances where the media would play down a threat to kill a former asylum seeker turned politician ?

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