Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Ann Vs The Zombies

As Jonah Goldberg points out, there's always a degree of 'Gorillas in the Mist' when a member of the mainstream media meets with actual, y'know, Conservatives, but today produced a classic of the genre. A journodroid at The Indie (aka the Guardian's Guardian) interviews Ann Coulter. It's about what you'd expect but with some classic Coulter - here's Ann on the whole John Stuart Mill, Liberal scam:

This is a nomenclature issue. You might as well call yourself gay when you mean you're happy. That is what 'gay' used to mean and that is what 'liberal' used to mean, but that isn't what it means any more, and you're just playing word games to pretend that it does.

Actually, the most amusement comes from seeing an L3 interviewer who prepared to counter Ann with a series of tightly-argued, factually based arguments…. No, just kidding.

How do you begin to argue with someone who operates so far outside the generally accepted confines of political debate?

Is it just me or are the L3 becoming the perfect caricature of that which they started off opposing, whining like maiden aunts about opponents who rudely insist on bringing up difficult issues ? Then again, the Indie isn't best equipped to lay down the law to anyone about reasonable standards of debate.

Of course, there is one grain of truth in the whiner-in-question say. Ann's genius is that her piercing logic and endless courage means she is an effortless debunker of the kind of L3 posturing that is so engrained in our society that even harcore RWDB like myself no longer even see it. Here's Ann on the sleazy sleight-of-hand which demands that any mention of September 11 must segue into dhimmi self-flaggellation over alleged 'Islamophobia'.

They slaughtered 3,000 people and I'm making unfair generalisations. I think we're even.

Exactly, and how about the way the Left wants to be recognised as patriots for signing up to a war against Al-Q (and only Al-Q) ?

We've been under attack by savage, fanatical Muslims for 20 years. It wasn't al-Qa'ida that took our hostages in Iran, it wasn't al-Qa'ida that bombed the West Berlin discotheque, which led to Ronald Reagan bombing Libya.

Indeed. Obsessing about Al-Quaida makes about as much sense as claiming Britain fought the Second World War against the Waffen SS.

Needless to say, against this much logic, the L3 freak has a near-breakdown. In amongst all the invective, there's this priceless line:

I see someone who is not afraid to twist, distort, bully and lie in order to "win" her argument.

'Mummy! Mummy! The Conservatives are answering back…. This never happened at Oxford!'

So, about that Rose Addis anyway ? The Left needs no tips from us on the politics of personal destruction. Check out what's happening right now with the Swifties. Hey - this is the paper that employs Robert Fisk and carries water for Little Jenny Jewhater. If Ann was as bad as all that, they'd be offering her a job.

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