Sunday, August 29, 2004

Bandits At Six O'Clock

Here's a question: is there any British institution that hasn't been completely upscrewed by Nu Lab ? Nope, that one doesn't count - the RAF has just helped itself to a nice, cold glass of lavender Kool Aid. So, decades after the Lancaster was phased out, the RAF is recruiting tail gunners.

Needless to say, this whole thing completely contradicts Nu Lab's own public statements - shocking I know. The original policy was supposed to be 'Don't Fear It, Don't Flaunt It' (not to be confused with the other government flagship policies of 'No Young Person Left Behind', or setting up a 'National Bureau of Investigation'). It may just be me, but dancing on a float, naked except for cowboy boots and a Stetson, doesn't exactly seem like hiding your light under a bushel (or anything else for that matter).

Of course, any resemblance between the rhetoric and the reality was always purely coincidental when dealing with this issue. The whole Gay Rights thing was never about preventing rampaging mobs stringing up Sir Elton from the nearest lamppost, it was always about remaking society. Having the RAF prostate themselves in this way will have had champagne corks popping all over the Queer Nation.

But don't go blaming our friends on the floats. They've got nothing to hide - in every sense of the word. They're not hiding their true nature. They're GAYS, who want GAY jobs in GAY companies, with GAY tea breaks, drinking GAY tea in GAY cups with….well, you get the point. Don't try and recruit rabbis and then complain if they don't work Saturdays.

Nope, the people who really annoy me are the folks running round now weeping and whaling about the fall of the RAF. These folks were perfectly happy when the activists were busily Mau-Mauing their way into industry and commerce. That was OK, but this, this is different.

Yes, the Armed Services do a serious job, but what of Law Enforcement ? Or if you want to let the emergency services on the lifeboat, how about the NHS ? But, no, however you draw it up, industry gets thrown to the dogs every time. Never mind how health care would get along without the pharmaceutical industry, we're told we're in the middle of a revolution in warfare. Information technology is supposedly revolutionising the battlefield. So, what proportion of the technology was developed by the Armed Services themselves ? For that matter how exactly do they propose to pay for it without a thriving private sector to pay for it all ? The difference in consequences between allowing the Armed Forces to decay and bleeding industry dry is merely one of timescale.

It's Tommy Atkins in reverse. There are a significant number of people in this country who seriously think we should be outraged at the RAF's capitulation while considering the pillaging of industry by the self-same type of victim hustlers as the very height of civilisation. Well, screw that.

Don't worry about that large group of targets on the radar, it's just a flock of chickens coming home to roost.

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