Sunday, February 01, 2004

Your Country Needs You!

I've often been tempted to veer into satire, but I keep running into happenings that remind me that, no matter how much imagination I put into parodying the L3, the reality is far, far wackier. Take the Guardian's poll for the best political weblog. Really, you should visit it - eleven of the twelve choices are truly 'satire-proof'. Which makes it all the more surprising that the other nominee is Conservative Commentary.

Maybe they had a last minute flash of sanity, and realised that a poll without a single blogger to the right of Gordon Brooon would open them up public ridicule - more so than usual. Anyway, Peter is there and the Liberals may live to regret it. But only if we actually get out the vote (metaphorically speaking - it's actually done via e-mail). So go on - remember, Peter might win and then what could happen ? Well, anyone seen the start of 'Scanners' ? Imagine Leftoid head popping all over Islington. Not only fun but also educational -at last we'd get to see what the L3 use for brains.

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