Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Appliance Of Science

Here's a quick question for you: you're a member of a once great profession that served humanity well for centuries, yet your public image has been dragged through the mud as a result of a series of sleazy incidents in which members of your profession have behaved more like Mafiosi or members of a fanatical cult instead of committed public servants. Do you

A) Launch a huge PR campaign

B) Encourage members of your profession to forge links with the journalists by talking openly about what they do and how they do it

C) Call for the profession to adopt voluntary regulation, with codes of conduct, minimum standard, independent disciplinary panels and a requirement to document how you do business.

D) Call for the government to regulate the profession, in particular by setting up a national standards body with the right to carry out snap inspections, seize evidence and investigate misconduct

E) Call for your critics to be censored

This answers obvious, once you take a scientific approach.

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