Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Teenage Party

Stick a fork in the Lib Dems, they're done. I mean, WTF ? They've whined like stuck pigs about intel lapses then they refuse to take part in an inquiry into...intel lapses. That's weird enough, but their excuse is even stranger: they want an inquiry that deals with politics and will hold ministers to account. Hey, I know they're a small party but you think one of them would point out that we already have a Parliament that does just that. But no, this is the Party which doesn't understand the concept of double jeopardy so the Constitution doesn't stand a chance. But that's the Lib Dems all over. They don't have policies, they have postures.

Actually, it's just the same ol' posture again and again, the wacky, iconoclastic group of rebels. So they whine about an inquiry then, when they get it, they whine some more and storm off. Of course. Lib Dems aren't into politics to advance actual policies, they're there to drop their trousers and shout rude words.

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