Thursday, September 15, 2011

That Depends What The Meaning of 'Elite' is....

I certainly agree with the wider point Ed West is making here, but seriously... David Cameron as the poster boy for the benefits of elitism? It was guys like Cast Iron Dave who sunk that boat in the first place.

No doubt about it, Cameron is a member is good standing of the elite, but much good that's done any of us. The more we're reminded of his credentials, the more we notice how little he's actually achieved. And no, he's not just a victim of bad luck. Never mine the implementation, he's barely capable of putting together a coherent policy in the first place. Consider this: no matter how often we're reminded that The Dave is the World's Smartest Man and the Greatest Orator Evah! I defy anyone to quote a single memorable line from him.

Well, OK, there was that whole 'Hug A Hoodie' thing, but the Cameroonatics don't like to talk about that.

That's the point right there: Dave's elite, but there are guys driving taxis who could mount a more coherent defence of conservative values than Prince Dave.

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Ross said...

Elites based on talent- good.

Elites based on birth- bad.

Althought the Cameronistas are more of a clique than an elite.