Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another Reason Why Cameronism Is A Really Huge Fraud

Ace makes an interesting point over here. Basically, he's saying that ideology will only ever win over 35% of the electorate. Getting a workable majority requires a candidate who can project a personality voters feel comfortable with.

Superficially, this sounds like the Cameron doctrine. After all, these guys have never been reluctant to sneer at those nasty old 'right-wing ideologues' what keep scaring the horses, but hang on a minute.... Sure, Cameron doesn't dig the ideology - and let's assume that his obvious contempt for them doesn't cost him any votes amongst the 35% - but where's the evidence that he is able to appeal to the electorate? Where's the proof that the snooty, stand-offish, sleazy suckweasel appeals to anyone much at anything more than a relieved 'at least he's saner than Gordon' level?

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