Thursday, September 08, 2011

The BBC: Focusing on the Key Issues

As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9-11, the BBC asks why aren't you peasants queueing up to watch a soft-focus portrayal of the lighter side of totalitarian lunacy?

Yes, indeed: Muslims killed thousands of Infidels on September 11 but now pesky Islamophobes refuse to watch emetic depictions of jovial jihadists, so there's fault on both sides.

Needless to say, you have to look elsewhere for the real story, including a truly Pythonesque twist:
The Muslim members of ACTRA decided to sit this thing out, and so every warm fluffy moderate Muslim on the show is played by a Protestant or Catholic, Italian or Indian. As comedy of bicultural manners goes, it's like a surreal latter-day PC version of the old vaudeville act "The Hebrew and the Coon," where the Hebrew was the genuine article and the Coon was played by Al Jolson.
Yep - the only way the left could get its Allahawful paean to moderate Muslims off the ground was by hiring fellow liberals to dress up as moderate Muslims.

No wonder the BBC likes the show - that's pretty much been its approach to covering Islam for years. They could combine the two approaches and have a BBC version where the Muslim characters don't speak, and instead the lefty university professors from next door keep stopping by to tell the audience what the Muslims would have said.


Roue le Jour said...

You're assuming everybody remembers that Al Jolson was Jewish?

Anonymous said...

WE already have Eastenders doing this kind of stuff at the BBC.

There is a Muslim family in Albert Square none of who are played by Muslims as far as I can tell.

The gay Muslim bloke is played by a guy who is half Indian/white. In fact he has never even played an Asian character before.

Yet there has been no outrage about the work denied to Muslim actors as a result.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else remember "dont panic I'm islamic"?

Rob said...

Wasn't that aired 2 weeks before the July 7 attacks? Perfect BBC timing.