Monday, September 06, 2010

Say, Why Does This Sound Familiar?

Further support for my theory that no, the Daily Mail is not a right-wing paper.

Leaving aside the Mail's shameless regurgitation of revisionist garbage, does this mean the Huns were bombed too much, or not nearly enough?

More importantly though, are the squareheads Rafophobic? After all, reading through the latest edition of the PC rules, it seems like we'd be quite within our rights to build a 15-storey Museum of British Aviation Achievement right in the centre of Dresden.


Ross said...

I knew the British armed forces ranked quite low in Victimhood Poker, but I thought that they at least outranked Nazis.

mexicano said...

Let´s build that sucker!

Hexe said...

I'm sure the neonazis who hold a huge march every year in Dresden will find any such landmark celebrating this infamous war crime a very useful rallying point in every way.

JuliaM said...

Also, it seems that burning the US flag is 'Constitutionally protected freedom of speech, man!' yet where's the ACLU when people are warning a small group in Florida that they have no right to burn a few sheets of paper..?

AgainsTTheWall said...

If the Germans had perpetrated a Dresden would it have been a war crime? The raid was a deliberate attempt to kill as many women and children as possible. Indeed this was BC's prime aim from early 1942 thru to the end. Not anything any Briton should be proud of.

As for the 'official' figure of 25000 dead in Dresden, bad enough in itself, this is a bare-faced PC lie.

Having said that I dont begrudge a memorial to BC. The crews faced as miserable a fate as their victims below. But I do object to murderers like Churchill and Harris being so honoured.