Thursday, September 30, 2010

If It Wasn't For Projection, Liberals Wouldn't Know What To Say About Conservative

Faux Ordinary Joe and actual Marxist John Crudas manages to slime the EDL and Tea Partiers both at once because of The Extremism.

Except here's the thing: it's never folks on the right who get caught planning stuff like this.

Then again, the left doesn't just coddle Islamic lunatics. They have their own brand nutters too.

That's how we ended up with people who are literally Tolerance Nazis: diversity freaks fantasising about eliminating whole swathes of the population, but presumably not in an extreme way.

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Greencoat said...

The most dangerous in the UK is the poisonous Marxist smog pumped out by snotty prats like Crudas.

Talk about punching people to death...