Thursday, May 07, 2009

What He Said

NNW rightly ridicules the social shirkers latest tantrum. NNW correctly nails the argument that it's only a tiny minority of bad apples (hmmmm.... why does that sound familiar)? Even if it is a minority, the 'vast majority of peaceful social workers' sure aren't bending over backwards to root them out.

On the contrary, this campaign is evidence of just what a loony bizarro world social work is. They're trying to rebut the image of social workers as Marxist thugs by demanding retribution against people who publish stuff they disagree with? After all, stripped of blather, this is surely what they mean when they talk about holding their critics 'accountable'. Who except for a bunch of Stalinist nutters could ever think this sounds reasonable?

Hey, if social workers were really worried that the public was misinformed about their role, they could always campaign against the already ludicrous restrictions on press reporting of their activities. Funnily enough, they aren't. As ever with liberals, you have the right to their opinion or else!

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