Thursday, May 28, 2009

They Expected The Spanish Inquisition?

NNW points out that the critics of religiously-motivated child abuse only ever seem to get motivated about one particular religion. True enough, but there's an even bigger humbuggery about it all here.

Consider this: the hipsters are enraged! that the Catholic Church tried to rehabilitate paedophile priests instead of handing them over for punishment.

Say what?

Wasn't the whole 'punishing paedophiles' thing supposed to be the litmus test that separates us knuckle-dragging socio cons from our sofistikeyted betters? Weren't us proles supposed to be the crazed lynch mob demanding punishment, while our natural ruling class rolled their eyes and explained patronisingly that 'good' and 'evil' were social constructs?

Bottom line: strip out the metaphysical aspects and the Vatican's 'talk it over' policy sounds mightily like our elite's preferred Therapy Nation strategy. So just what is it that they actually object to?

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