Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey, Liberals: This Is What A Theocracy Looks Like

Who'd have thunk it? After approximately 800,000 movies, books, plays and operas about paedo-priests, the left has decided we're all being too cruel to Catholics.

But wait... what's else do I find at Ross's place? Why, yes, it's a reference to one paedo-priest scandal the left will never make a movie about. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is just variant six on the same theme but, like I say, there's a virtual news blackout on all this.

This is the anti-matter version of victimhood poker. Call it villain poker. Normally, the left loves to bag the Catholic Church. Hell, an alien watching TV would conclude that The Faith was a nonce's organisation infiltrated by religious kooks (in between all those shows in which flawed-but-loveable sexual predators are harassed by crazed Jesus freaks). Still and all, no matter how evil Catholics are, that doesn't justify saying anything nice about Ulster Unionists.

The MSM has spent years depicting Ulster Unionists - or Ulster Protestants in their absurd formulation - as bowler-hated, taig hating illiterates. Yet we keep coming across cases proving that, yes, the Republic was an utterly corrupt theocracy after all. What the priests did to those alter boys is what the Republic wants to do to Ulster. No bigotry required - the Unionists are motivated by a perfectly respectable disgust at a pre-Reformation basket case state beyond the imaginings of Hollywood's most crazed Palin-haters.

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