Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey, Dorothy, What Do You Think of Traditional Britsh Values Right Now?

I'm thinking Laban is becoming the master chronicler of MONA related events. He's just passed on news of clashes between the Men Of No Appearance and the Men Of Fabulous! Appearance.

Of course, we must treat such incidents with the seriousness they deserve:

Yep, that's me: harsh! But can you blame me when even the guy breaking omerta wraps his statement up in every weasely liberal phrase imaginable?

On the other hand, who'd have thunk that the alliance between the Religion of Peace and the Religion of Getting A Piece would end badly? Well, yes, every rightist ever, but the gayers have spent years calling us fascists, so the sympathy buffer is kind of empty at the moment.

For sure, incidents like this, are a sign of the cultural death spiral in modern Britain, not only in terms of the thuggery itself, but also the reluctance to call it what it is. But few people are less qualified to complain about all this than you-know-who. Gayers have served proudly as shock troops in the liberals' war on British culture.

True, some would claim they were only against certain aspects of traditional British culture. At best, this position devolves down to a kind of cultural jenga, and the proposition that it's possible to hack away whole chunks of the underpinnings of British culture, while leaving the culture itself still in place.

More to the point though, whatever they claim to believe, the rest of their rhetoric makes clear these guys aren't just opposed to the family values, they hate the whole idea of people having values. That's why the same people who blather about The Homophobia, think blaming the spread of AIDS on Mrs Thatcher is a perfectly valid debating point.

The hysterical denunciations of those who support traditional values - let alone the open harassment - is just a symptom of the way the gay rights movement have fully bought into the left's cult of indiscriminateness. They're appalled that no one will take a stand against thuggery? Hey, they've spent years describing anyone who takes a stand for traditional values as a Naaaaaaaaaazi!!!!! Besides, who's to say that beating people up is wrong? Did the cat sit on the mat, or is it equally true to say that the mat sat on the cat? And what is this 'cat' thing anyway?

The gay rights movement bought fully into the left's core belief that the only truly moral position is no position at all. At the same time, they were perfectly happy to break bread with the Islamofascists when it came to denouncing Britain as the Worst Country Evah! It is only now, with our culture in ruins, that these people have suddenly realised that there really are worse cultures out there after all.

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