Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lord Ashcroft Killed James Bulger!

Or possibly not, but at least that might get our fearless MSM to start investigating the increasingly bizarre revelations about John Venables, the certified '100% rehabilitated' killer... who's back in jail.

As I understand the hipster position, revealing what criteria the legal system used to determine that a convicted killer was, in fact, a fluffy bunny rabbit of a man may lead to the Earth falling into the Sun. Meanwhile, demanding critics of the government submit to the financial equivalent of a prostate exam has no negative implications whatsoever for democracy.

Speaking personally, nothing says 'robust scientific process' like an unaccountable cabal of activist liberals awarding each other contracts to carry out a process we aren't allowed to know anything about. I wouldn't say the rehab industry was slippery, but I hear the folks at UEA are complaining that they're ruining the good name of science. Meanwhile, the only way the MSM will take an interest is if Lord Ashcroft turns out to be moonlighting on the parole board.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm thinking we ought to be drawing a chalk outline around British journalism right about now.


Stan said...

I dunno about drawing a chalk outline around British journalism - you'd have to dig it up first as it was dead and buried long ago.

Squander Two said...

There is the possibility that Venables's breach of parole involved committing another crime, in which case the reason not to reveal what he's done could be to avoid prejudicing the jury in his upcoming second trial.