Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Amy Winehouse Was Right

Achtung Peasants! Our hipster betters command you to support the release of this guy. After all, everyone knows the rehab industry is the very model of scientific rigour and impeachable integrity.

Besides, what could possibly go wrong?


JuliaM said...

And then there's Julie Bindel, with the 'He should never come out!'column in the Guardian.

What's that, you say? Sense, in the Guardian?

Well, no. She just thinks he should have been convicted of hate crimes, because he murdered women. That means he can't have been bonkers. Apparently.

Her views on Aileen Wouronous aren't given....

Rob said...

The ultimate irony would be if they released him and he then lit up a fag in a pub. Oh, the dilema facing the Authorities! A Hate Crime, but a leftist icon!