Sunday, February 27, 2005

George W Bush Is A Poo Brain

Jeremy Vine has always struck me as the type of bloke who is more than usually likely to be found hanging around primary schools. Imagine my relief when last Thursday's show proved that he was really just looking for inspiration. First item was - I kid thee not - a debate on who's more frightening Putin or the BushChimpler. Needless to say, there was no one arguing the 'Grow Up & Get A Life' position. Does anyone who can be trusted with sharp objects really lie in bed at night terrorised by the thought of Vlad or Dubya ?

Of course, that's the thing. We had some ex-Guardian loon banging on for ten minutes about the evils of BushCo (apprently, they haven't established democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, after all - they must be plastic fingers that got inked) then Jegsy asked the 'Bad Vlad' guy how he would argue against that and he frankly admitted that, actually, he agreed with it all. Ah, yes. That was the deal. This was the Beeb's definition of balance: 10 minutes of unhinged ranting about Bush balanced by 10 minutes about A N Other. Expect further debates on whether Bush is as corrupt as Robert Maxwell, whether Bush is loonier than David Icke and whether Bush is more dangerous to kids than Ian Huntley.

This is public service broadcasting!

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