Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bible Makeover

Say what you want about Ken Livingstone, but he does do a smashing job of exposing the absurdities of Liberalism. As Scott points out, Livingstone can't hardly complain about being labelled an anti-Semite - after all, he helped foster an environment where people were branded racists on far weaker evidence.

Then again, for all the pounding away at PC from the Right, it looks like it's the Left that'll finally free us of this garbage. As Livingstone perfectly exemplifies, language that ten years ago would resulted in the speaker being labelled a Nazi is now perfectly welcome in Liberal circles (not that that's an entirely positive result). Similarly, with every passing minute since a certain person became US Sec State, the Left has started sounding more like Bernard Manning.

All of which gives me a perverse sense of anticipation, given that it is the African and Asian branches of the Anglican church that has been most resolute in upholding Christian traditions. The Left has made a good start, comparing opposition to gay Bishops to slavery ("Yes, Julian, people refusing to give you a job as a bishop is exactly the same as abducting you to a foreign continent and working you to death"), but I bet that's just a taster. Remember, a moron rapping about raping white women and killing Jews is an authentic guardian of black culture, but a Kenyan Christian is just some primitive fool.

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