Thursday, August 02, 2018

Solo: A Culture Wars Story

In amongst everything else going on, Disney have managed the impossible and lost money on a Star Wars movie... quite a lot of money in fact.

Not that it means anything though - which is why so many media SJWs have written about how it means nothing. That's what people do when something means nothing - write 800 or so articles about it.

Curiously enough though, Tom Cruise's Mummy movie bombed without any SJWs writing articles explaining why that didn't matter.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, this is just the latest example of the 'Get Woke, Go Broke' phenomenon. 

True, 'Solo' wasn't the spiteful screech of hatred that 'The Last Jedi' was, but it is still hobbled by woke messaging. Head Hag Kathleen Kennedy's feminism meant not only that the story was weighed down with strang, independent wimminz what don't need no man but also - in keeping with the weird zero sum mentality of feminism -  all the male characters had to be reduced down to chumps and caricatures... meaning that in a movie named after, and built around, the coolest character in the Star Wars universe, he was presented as a goofy, Jim Carrey style character, basically Ace Ventura: Space Pilot.

Still, Han got off lightly compared to another fan favourite.

Yep, these writers have got a whole galaxy to play with and  their idea of innovation is .... weird sex.

That's it, that's SJW originality in a nutshell: man-toaster sex.

And, yes, this is all in a supposed family film. Try explaining that to Junior.  Or don't bother, and  just stay home - just like everyone else did.

All of which is by way of getting to the wider issue. Lucasfilm under 'Kray Kray' KK has adopted an explicitly PC agenda, and especially an obsession with pushing muh diversity. The MSM fawned over them and critics were smeared as out of touch bigots who just didn't get that society had changed, but a funny thing happened on the way to Tatooine. In a better plot twist than anything in Solo, it turns out the public actually quite like squaresvillle white male stuff, such as coherent plots and likeable characters. Who knew? 

Say, that sounds vaguely familiar....if Lucasfilm had only been aiming to sell tickets to jaded, upper middle class media luvvies, this movie would have been a roaring success, but unfortunately for them they had to try and sell tickets to normal people as well. To the point, it turns out that pandering to the MSM and their crazy virtue signalling is no way to get normal people to turn out and support you after all.


JuliaM said...

Damm, I was rather looking forward to this movie.

Anonymous said...

"Get woke, go broke!" I like it.

Anonymous said...

George Lucas is Liberal Left too. It's just that he made the films in a different time, so his buttons were different.

In the Prequels the idea of a trade war with a rapacious Capitalist Class was paramount. I recall that in the third film (Sith) he intended it as a rebuke to George Bush II.

One his first films was THX 1138. There's a scene in it where the protagonist is in a room full of multi-coloured cubes. I read somewhere that this scene in particular was intended to be an attack on consumer society. This passed me by completely, in contrast to the traffic cop robots, and the fact that the pursuit is called off due to monetary constraints.

Meanwhile the best review of Star Wars is: Super cool black guy from the seventies suffers hideous disfigurement and emerges as whiny white man child who nobody trusts with children. Hmm who knew - Star Wars is the Michael Jackson Story!

Penseivat said...

In the earlier days of cinema, when a series of films about a character had run out of steam, the studios produced things like, "The Mummy", or "Frankenstein"........ "Meets Abbott and Costello".
Perhaps the latest fad will be "Mission Impossible on Love Island" or "Darth Vader In The Big Brother House". I'm sure people with an IQ lower than their shoe size, will watch them.