Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reality Still Has The Casting Vote

Bad as events are in Somerset, at least it's not happening in Bengal or Sligo in the 19th Century. If it had, lefties would still be writing books, plays and operas about the eviiiillll English Lord who let people's houses get flooded just so he could make the place nice for the birdies.

They should have told Lord Smith that the birds voted conservative. He'd have been hunting them down himself with a shotgun.

As it is the main question is what will happen first: the floods going down or the BBC finding a way to call Smith a right-winger. On the plus side, while Somerset is flooded, The Dave's credibility has been sunk too.

We're back to the two foundational myths of Daveism. We're told that he is a brilliant manager and a master politician. Now he's facing a political crisis caused in large part by letting a government agency go bananas, and not just through indolence but also as a matter of policy. The Cameroonatics pride themselves on their post-ideological, post-modern, ironic detachment. People with actrual convictions were dismissed as dullsville bores and accused of 'banging on' about stuff. Why bring everyone down and hash their mellow by arguing over actual policy?

That's how we ended up with a conservative PM happy to preside over a government agency headed by an Islington liberal and staffed entirely by ecoloons (but at least we've found one context where liberals think diversity is overrated). 

It turns out that ideas still matter, after all. Culture War matters. Allowing econuts to take over a government agency turns out to have been a disaster. Lives have been lost and homes wrecked as a result of allowing Metropolitan liberals to use a large part of England as a giant econut version of Sim City. If the Tories don't stand against that, in what sense are they conservative?

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