Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reminder: Feminism Is A Parasitic Ideology

As analogies go, I'm thinking waving £50 notes in front of a homeless guy's face is more like it, still it is interesting to see even a social conservative like Laban taking a hard line on this.

Behold the power of the Dark Side!

Heh. But there's a serious point here: in so far as mainstream social conservatism turns a blind eye to the rise of feminism, it has condemned itself to ever-increasing irrelevance. Indeed, in so far as socio-cons' white knighting instincts lead them to defend even the most deranged behaviour by the New Grrrl Order, there is often little to choose between them and feminists when push comes to shove.

All of this matters because for all the blather about empowerment, the defining feature of feminism is its parasitic nature. Even these stupid marches are proof of that:
The SlutWalk London website states more should be done to protect victims.
Never mind the logic fail - surely the point of protection is that they won't be victimised in the first place - who's going to provide this protection? Since the marchers claim to be marching on behalf of the whole female species, it mus be some other sex they're expecting to sort all this out.

In other words, these misandric loonies claim that the very people they denounce should do everything possible to protect them, even as they themselves disavow any responsibility for their own survival. Or to put it another way, they want men to continue to act on their traditional feelings of chivalry, while they demonstrate their contempt for the same traditions.

Hey, the KKK might have had some wacky ideas, but even they didn't expect their victims to string themselves up.


Rob said...

Call me cynical, but I bet the route didn't pass through the more, ah, vibrant parts of town like Tower Hamlets.

North Northwester said...
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North Northwester said...

To be fair, Laban does go on in the comments to distinguish between the principle (surely correct) that aggressors and aggressors alone deserve the blame for their aggression but, criminy! women ought to show a bit of sense and self-preservation what with living in the real world and everything.
It's not just awful that the Left’s [let us say] project is to declare each person in the world specially nominated as victims as a unique and lovely individual and declaring that offending any of them in any way is beyond the pale. It's not just awful that this renders the rest of us dumb and unworthy to comment or contradict this policy and elects us all as their personal saviours and protectors [with no ceiling on our obligations, financial or otherwise].

It's also awful in that it permanently infantilizes biologically adult people who should show a bit of sense. I know of children of toddler age that are aware it might be dangerous to go into dark, unfamiliar or noisy places. Whatever the decade of reason did for women, it doesn't seem to have equipped them with as much gumption as was possessed by downtrodden mill-girls of the 1930's, or chained-to-the-sink housewives of the 1950s.
Dontcha just love abstract reasoning?

Anonymous said...

I thought the only input required from men was to stop raping them.
So protect them from rape by not doing it.

Anonymous said...

Ive come to think that the whole purpose of feminism is to neutralize the political power of white men. For as long as it takes to swamp white countries with 3rd worlders.

Men are silenced through the accusation of sexism (and racism) and once they are an emasculated minority who is going to keep Jamaican yardies or militant asian muslims in line?

White women apparently.

Dont make me laugh.