Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Bias Here!

Tonight ITV are going show a drama about an event in July 2005. Use your skill and judgement to guess which:
  1. The July 7 bombings

  2. The search for the July 21 bombers

  3. The shooting of St Jean the Martyr
OK, that is kind of obvious. Folks escaping from the burning wreckage of a tube train deep underground or cops in a race against time to track down fanatical bombers? No potential for good drama there, but a dramatisation based on the transcript of an inquest - now that's entertainment!

Really - that's the other thing about media bias. It's not just annoying on political grounds, it also leads to some really terrible TV. At least Winston Smith only had to put up with two minutes of hate, our MSM keeps it up 24/7. After all, just what is the point of all this? This isn't bringing an obscure corner of history to life - few events in recent history has been covered as extensively as Stockwell. Ditto, the left has spent years - literally - trying to leverage this case into a broadcast condemnation of da pigs (and failing, utterly) This drama has nothing to add to the debate except another opportunity for the left to indulge in masturbatory cop hating.

As ever with questions of MSM bias, it's worth stating that yes, there should be a place for full-on political commentary, just not when it's trying to pass itself off as impartial and any vaguely right-wing commentary results in a firing.

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